Maureen Murnan
Maureen Murnan

Trance Mediumship has for many years been a truly wonderful enlightenment to those of us who are seeking spiritual knowledge and forming the foundations of a working relationship with the world of spirit.

Trance, like all other aspects of spiritual development must be patiently and constantly developed over a long period of time. Nothing is achieved overnight, if we look at some of our well known and long serving Trance mediums of the past it is easy to see that they invested many, many years into achieving the perfect blend with spirit controls & helpers in order to pass on knowledge and understanding from those minds in the spiritworld who still endevour to assist the souls of men and women in the present day.

However the word Trance can be a little confusing to the students who are just venturing into the Trance element of mediumship. It is sometimes assumed that to work with Trance one must be in a deep somnambulistic/unconscious state. And to have any awareness of what is said is not Trance, and therefore of little value.

I personally prefer the term Altered States of Consciousness, because that more accuratley describes the many levels that the conscious flow moves through in Trance.



By learning how we react through different levels of our conscious mind we begin the process of understanding how we affect and are a part of what ever comes through our Trance. We cannot divorce ourself from any aspect of our Mediumship, not even our Trance Mediumship, it is our mind that he spirit world influence and therefore our mind will quite rightly remain involved in the results. The spirit world no longer need a body, so to think that they enter our physical being is wrong. They, through our co-operation, learn to make a strong and close blending through which they can influence the flow of our thought process. If this blending is very strong we see more of the Spirit influence and less of the Medium, if the blending is not as close, and some times it happens that the Trance state is not as deep as it usually is, and the Medium is aware of this, then we may hear more of the Medium's inspiration and knowledge and a little less of the Spirit influence. It does not mean that there is no Trance  energy present, it just means that on that occasion the conditions are not as perfect as they may other wise be. If a Medium is prepared to put aside fear or doubt, and has enough patience to sit long enough to develop Trance, then I can safely say that the rewards far out weigh any effort we may have made. It is the kind of experience when energetically speaking, everyone who is present in the room is in no doubt that they have been in the power of the spirit, it is so tangible you can almost feel it. 

White fox

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