Spectrum Of The Spirit

Mediumship is like the colours of the rainbow, not one can be singled out as being more beautiful, nor of more importance then another, because it is the whole spectrum of multi-coloured bands that make the rainbow such an awesome sight.

When we start out on the path of Mediumship we can often be a little rigid in our prospects for our life time’s work. We think that we know what is best and in which direction our development should go. However the spirit world often has different view points, they may want to take you on a route that will result in a wider spectrum of spiritual gifts than we had first anticipated.

That is why this workshop offers an opportunity to stretch your horizons a little more and not be afraid to experiment with your mediumistic talents
If you feel that now is the time to expand your mediumship and open your mind to a myriad of potential opportunities for the development of your spiritual self, then this course is for you!

Development is about improving the quality of our spiritual nature, and the continuity and commitment we give to this, is recognition of the value we place upon our spiritual work. The aims and ideals of all working mediums, whatever stage you are at, should be one of constant improvement. Because ADVANCEMENT is what the Soul’s journey is all about, and we know that progress is eternal.

This course aims to uncover more of your unique gifts, and to show you that through encouragement and practical application that many levels of your mediumship are attainable.

I feel strongly that even when we are working mediums we cannot abandon the responsibility to  continue our mediumistic development. To link with spirit is not enough; our aspirations should be to form a life long co-operation with our spirit workers for the furtherance of knowledge and experience, and a strengthening of our working relationship and commitment to them. A musician does not stop training & practise once he/she has reached a stage where they can create a masterpiece, that is the beginning of the journey for them; professionalism drives them onward to a greater expansion of their talents. Mediumship needs to be viewed in the same way, because mediumship like all other beautiful gifts are of the Soul.

• Meditation
• Psychic ability
• Building a link
• The Auric energy field
• Communication through Colour
• Developing our inspirational speaking
• Presentation & Responsibility of Mediumship


10 - 17 December 2011 at AFC


White fox

With kind permission of Jim Loughran.

This photograph is shown in honour of the grace & beauty of the White Fox.

Another great love of mine is the Bear, my Birth Totem Animal