Shamanic Path #1

The Shamanic path is a path of healing, of maintaining balance and harmony in society and the individual, and of keeping our connection with Mother Earth and all Creation. It is one of the oldest spiritual practises know to man,  evidence has been found on the walls of many ancient caves and temples depicting the role of the Shaman.


Because Shamanism is the most ancient of human healing and spiritual practices. It is a way of accessing the love, wisdom, compassion, and power of the spirit world in order to receive help for one's self or to serve others.

One of the primary teachings of shamanism is that all of the world is alive and has a spirit, and that we are all connected to each other as a result of this relationship.
This course is not about becoming a Shaman, it is about learning to discover the shamanic connection within each of us, if we recognise that we have a limitless potential to grow, change and be an important part of all that God has created, then we are accepting our responsibility to care for and respect the gift of life and this beautiful world we live in.

During the course of the week we will learn about our own journey, how we interact with society, our families and the world around us. We all go through periods when we feel lost or un-focused on our journey, we can loose touch with the self, we can forget that we are MIND & SPIRIT as well as body, and as such we are a powerful being. Our spiritual path is just as important a factor in our wholeness, as is our material wellbeing, this week endevours to bring together the multi faceted being that we are.

It will be a week of learning through tutorials, discussion groups and practical hands on excersises to open our mind to the ceremony of life, and what the Earth, Nature and the Animal kingdom can teach us.

Lessons include - Module 1 IDENTITY - Who am I

• Drumming the Altered State for Visions.
• The healing Drum & Drumming the Journey.
• Creative sessions, tools for the journey.
• What is ceremony - making my space sacred.
• Animal teachers - the qualities and attributes of the animal world.

Each morning will begin with the discipline of meditation - Becoming focused on the day.

Life is also about enjoying the journey, in the beautiful surroundings of the hall and grounds we can learn to walk a little more in harmony with our true self, to share and enjoy the company of like minded people, to give and recieve, and to allow ourself to experience the joy of the spirit.




White fox

With kind permission of Jim Loughran.

This photograph is shown in honour of the grace & beauty of the White Fox.

Another great love of mine is the Bear, my Birth Totem Animal