The Personal Shamanic Path

I have followed the learning route & taken a course many years ago now with the Raven Lodge of Shamanic teaching, where I learned a great deal, not only through the course material but through the emphasis of working within my own energy to discover what I REALLY know.

I have read & researched many, many, teachers, & teachings from around the world, and I am eternally grateful for their sharing of knowledge, to these teachers I give thanks, for they have won my deepest respect, the knowledge I gained facilitated what I now know will be a life time journey.

Yet something inside continued to tell me that this was my path, I must walk it my way, using my experience, and my Soul knowing, for what is right for me.
The message received over & over again from the spirit world was, all the answers to all my questions lay within me!
At first I thought that a platitude and let my mind place it in the storehouse of information that we all build upon during the course of our Earth walk.

The more I worked with the Shamanic energy, the more I could relate it to my Mediumistic work & development. I quickly recognised the similarities of Spiritual awareness & communication that connects these two aspects of my Soul development together.

Mediumistically, I am aware of my connection to the Guides & Helpers from the spirit world.

Shamanically, I have built a conscious awareness of other spirit teachers & guides from the Animal/Plant/Mineral kingdoms
My mediumistic training has taught me to communicate with the unseen world, mind to mind, spirit to spirit. To open my mind to the bigger picture and allow my developed sensitivity to know, to feel, the external presence of the human personality beyond that of earthly limitations.

My Shamanic development has taught me that there does exist within all created life that essence of spirit that communicates with those whose hearts and minds are willing to allow that communication to take place. It is sometimes blindingly obvious, sometimes a subtle nudge to look more deeply at the available options. But the message is the same, encouraging, supportive & more truthful than we may care to admit.

That energy is continuously available to us from both the living and spiritual realms.
It is only when we work with and accept that we are one tiny thread in the great tapestry of live, and not always the most important thread, that we begin to see that all things are connected, all life is a part of us, as we are a part of all life. And because as a medium I can without doubt in my own mind & experience say that life like the seasons is a continuous cycle without end, the only separation being that of a division of worlds, that I must accept that spirit, per say, is at work, influencing, gently guiding, and encouraging my every living moment, that this life path begins to make more sense.

The big dilemma that hits us all, especially when things become unbalanced,
Who am I?
What am I doing here?
Where am I supposed to be going?

We cannot even begin to answer these questions until we know ourselves a little more. I realised that the majority of people spend a life time getting to know all about other people, acting out roles designed by other people, and turning round in ever increasing circles trying to keep the approval of other people.

But never spending time on the most important person on this journey, the self.
Do we approve of us, do we live life according to our own will & desire, and are we happy with the choices we have made?

And then the big question, do we have the power & ability to make the changes that will lead ultimately to self satisfaction and a joy in living?

Yes we do have that power, for we also have free will! We must move away from guilt & the fear of change.

So many areas in life we allow to strip away our power, until we become power-less, and more dependent on others for our happiness and survival, we give our lives away because we give our power away.

MY Shamanic path is not intended to make me into a Shaman, for I believe that, that path is for the chosen few, those born to it, those chosen by Creator or the people, it is not a self made appointment.

However I also believe that the Shamanic path IS for everyone, it is about gaining self knowledge, self worth & self confidence. Accepting responsibility & connection to all living things. To treat the Earth & all life, with the same love & care we would give to a family member, and to show the respect we would like to receive. It is an honour to live in this world, and it is a responsibility that we must heed, what we leave behind the future generations must inherit.

Technology is a wonderful thing, and is a natural part of progress, but some of the old ways, learning to walk softly upon the Earth, learning to live in Peace, in Balance and living Respectfully are philosophies that we cannot afford to lose.

Technology may show us only the path of materialism, But the old teachings lead us to the path of our growing Spirituality, a journey worth making for it is the Spirit/Soul essence of self that is eternal, that came on this life journey to learn & grow through experience.

White fox

With kind permission of Jim Loughran.

This photograph is shown in honour of the grace & beauty of the White Fox.

Another great love of mine is the Bear, my Birth Totem Animal