Native American

There are several hundred tribes of Native Americans some more historicaly famous than others, but all of them have left us with a valuable understanding of how to live on this Earth with respect & a caring for all life.
The History of our Native American cousins is one of struggle and hardships, there were many battles and a real fight for survival against intruding forces. It is littered with sadness and joy, it is filled with colour, creativity and great spirituality.
We will take a look at the past, and many of us may mourn the loss of so many, but we will recognise their courage and the pride of a Nation who will not be forgotten. Today many people are searching for the same values that the Native American Indian taught mankind, and for this reason we honour all Native American people, not just the more recognisable tribal names.
The lessons are as important today as they where over a hundred years ago, learn to take only what you need, care for and respect the Earth and the animals who ensure our survival. Work together and honour each others opinions, for we are all entitled to choose our own way through life.
We will look at the Native Tribal Peoples of today, what has become of the Native American?, we will look at how they live in 2010, how they have survived all that has been forced upon them yet still honour their ancestral spirituality.
I would like to share with you my Native American experience and introduce you to the many friends that I have made in South Dakota.
The aim of the week is to inspire us, through the teachings and spirituality of all Native American cultures, and find a way of adapting that influence to teach us about respect, honour & humility in our lives today.
I would like each of us to learn how to express the ceremony within us, to touch the Celtic tribal spirituality of our past, to create for our pathway a focus for balance, harmony, and healing.

It is not about trying to imitate Native Americans, we dont have the right to that, but we do have a duty to honour our way and discover what works for us.
If we go back far enough in time, we were all tribal people, maybe we can endevour to awaken that tribal energy that we are a part of. We will create our own ceremony, song, and tools for our journey.
We will use the drum for honouring the day, healing and for the sheer joy of connecting with ancient rhythms.
If you are ready for this journey then we welcome you to our family, and will be honoured to walk with you for a little while.


25. SEPTEMBER – 2. OCTOBER 2010 at AFC


White fox

With kind permission of Jim Loughran.

This photograph is shown in honour of the grace & beauty of the White Fox.

Another great love of mine is the Bear, my Birth Totem Animal