Journey Of The Soul

Life without the interaction of other people would be unbearable, however, solitude and silence is often the sanctuary we seek when we reach a crisis point, or when our hurt is so sensitive we cannot or will-not expose it to the world.

I was once told a story about a cave were all soul’s wait before taking their place in this material world, a place for them to reflect upon their soul growth and to make plans for the many lessons they choose to learn on earth.
The story went on to say that at this stage the soul understood that if lessons were to be learned well and truly understood then they would need to learn about opposites.

Good – Bad – and Indifferent.
When everything in life is going well it is easy to love everyone and everything and to be thankful for the gift of being alive, and hopefully we can spend the greater part of the journey in a state of bliss, surrounded by love, success, good health, wealth and all the trimmings of the perfect life, this is our right, and we grow well in the light of contentmentHowever, inevitably we have to make an occasional passage through the long dark night of the soul, this is often the hardest part of the journey because even those who love and cherish us cannot always help us through, this is a lone sojourn, for our experience only.

When left floundering in a sea of desperation and despair we don’t feel so disposed to being generous with our feelings, our companionship, or our usually bubbly sense of humour and generosity. We retreat back to the cave to lick our wounds.

I do believe that it is our instinct, and not only a human one. Animals too instinctively seek out a hiding place when frightened, injured or lost. If only we can find the courage to ask ourselves, What is this lesson about? Why do I need to experience this? How can I turn this negative experience into a positive result?

And because the answer has the possibility to be life changing only our freewill can make a decision. We may not always like the place were we are, but maybe it is the place we are meant to be. If we learn how to grow even when we are in shadow, think what we later achieve when back in the light and the bosom of contentment.

I meet so many genuinely sensitive, spiritual people. Who exude a peace that has been earned, life’s hardest lessons have not made them bitter, but better. It has given them empathy for others, and a respect for the good times and for life. Who we are now, in this moment, is the result of every lesson learned well. Mistakes, our own, and others, seem to be part of the expansion of our Soul Journey.

In the cave we can at least be honest with our selves, we can rant and rave at the unfair and unjust turn of events, we cry and crumble, then when the anger or hurt has dissipated we can re-build and come out fighting, ready to face life and bare the bruises. Anyone who has ever gone through a real life crisis will resist the temptation to pre-judge others or to pass opinions on another person’s life pattern.


1. – 4. DECEMBER 2009 at AFC


White fox

With kind permission of Jim Loughran.

This photograph is shown in honour of the grace & beauty of the White Fox.

Another great love of mine is the Bear, my Birth Totem Animal