Workshops with International Medium & Teacher Maureen Murnan, CSNU, BSY ( col ) IACBP

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Those who are wise live according to their purpose. Their life gives meaning to everything they do.

They do not live by the clock, but instead follow their own compass.

This ensures they are on the road that leads directly to their destiny.

   ~ Brahma Kumaris  ~

Workshops & Seminars are usually presented on a 3 tier development level, according to the length of time a student has been actively attending Training and Development circles. It can be a disadvantage for a student to attend a level of development that they are not yet ready to work at, there are no short cuts to development, it is like building blocks, if you design your training to reach levels of understanding in the Psychic/mediumistic faculties then you are building good strong foundations on which to build a lifetime of mediuistic work. It is vital that Mediums are aware of the Psychic facuty as much as the mechanics of mediumship, as every medium needs to have a well developed psychic ability as well as a good understanding of the skills of mediumship.


Novice/Beginners Level:

For students who are at the very start of their Mediumistic development, or those who have done a little training but not consistently. It is also a good level for those who have been away from their Mediumistic work for some time and are now being pulled back to it. This is a good refresher level too, as we all at times need to go back to basics and remember the foundations that we have built.


Intermediate Levels:

This level is for the student who has been activley Training and Developing their Mediumistic ability for a period of at least a year, but who is not yet doing Private Sittings nor taking the platform for public demonstrations.


Advanced Level:

This is for the more experienced student, at the two year or more stage of their continuous Training and development programme. This means someone who has been attending a development group for a substantial time, and who has taken other courses or pursued knowledge & experience from Mediumistic training establishments like the Arthur Findlay College, and who have continuity in their development training. This level of student may be those who are able to do a 30 minute, evidential private sitting, and who do, or inspire to take the public platform to demonstrae Mediumship.

Mediumship Advanced :: Fortgeschritte Medien

For those already working with their mediumship through:

• Demonstrations on public platform
• Private Sittings/one to one – postal-telephone
• Speaker/Philosophy – inspirational address
• Teaching/church group leaders & circle leaders

Journey Of The Soul


Life is certainly a huge rollercoaster of an adventure; unfortunately we are not always ready or able to see it. For a great part of our life we are under direction from parents, teachers, peers and close friendships. In short, all those with whom we purposely connect to on life’s journey, who feel that they really have our best interest at heart.

Spectrum Of The Spirit


Spectrum of the  Spirit” is a new course for 2010 at the Arthur Findlay College, it is about emerging into the full potential of our multiple mediumistic possibilities. Sometimes we limit ourselves and our development and therefore place limitations on the Spirit World.

Shamanic Path :: Der schamanische Weg


Though my work over the past 20 years has been in Mediumship/ Teaching/Healing, I have for the past 10 years found myself instinctively & intuitively drawn to my personal Shamanic Path. I refer to it as a personal path, because that is the way it has taken me.

Native American :: Indianer


This is a week to delve into the Native American culture and the rich tapestry of life experienced by our Native American ancestors. From the Plains indians to those tribes who lived and survived among the forests, & mountains of North and South America. The peoples who lived by the huge Rivers and Oceans, all of them in tune with the earth and their surroundings.

Trance Mediumship


Trance is about learning to move into an altered state so that the mind of the medium and the mind of the spirit controls can make a perfect blending. It is necessary to build a harmonious co-operation with those from the spirit world who work with us. When that relationship is strong our confidence and trust are no longer an issue,  we automatically know that we are held within that protective energy of spirit.


One Day & Weekend Workshops 2015

I am willing to do a drum making workshop for any group of students from numbers 4 - 10. I can travel to you to do this but would need a firm booking and deposit from each student as the skins and hoops need to be ordered as early as possible.


Please feel free to contact me if you wish to arrange a 1 day seminar.



Forthcoming Workshops 2015

White fox

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This photograph is shown in honour of the grace & beauty of the White Fox.

Another great love of mine is the Bear, my Birth Totem Animal