Private Mentorship

Over the last two years many students have asked me if I will do some private mentoring for the development of the Psychci/Mediumistic faculties. I have now decided that this is the right time for students to have an opportunity to recieve a one to one tutoring.

To apply for this, please contact me through this web site messageing.Or at


The Mentorship willl be a block of 5 1 hour sessions arranged between myself and the student, each session can take place weekly or monthly or at your preference . If there is a genuine reason for the cancellation of a session it will be re-scheduled for another arranged date. Details for payment will be given upon booking.


I will require your email address so that I can send each set of course work papers in advance.

The lessons will take place via Skype.

At the end of the 5 sessions I will give you a signed document stateing your completion and an assessment of how I have seen your development change.


I look forward to working with you in pursuit of your Mediumistic devlopment,

Best wishes  -  In service to Spirit xxxx


White fox

With kind permission of Jim Loughran.

This photograph is shown in honour of the grace & beauty of the White Fox.

Another great love of mine is the Bear, my Birth Totem Animal