Handmade Drums - These drums are made with ceremony and with honour for the traditional ways.

These drums are made with love and respect for the Animals and other elements that gave its energy so that we may use it as a healing/journey & development tool.


If you want a drum made then please contact me and we can decide what you need as a companion on the journey of life.






In Spirit & In Beauty

In Balance & in a Sacred manner

we walk.

This was the first Drum I ever made, under the skilful tuition of Linda Silvas from Seattle, Linda is an expert drum maker and we were very privilaged to make our very own drum with her.


This Drum is Bear Skin, which is even more precious to me as Bear is an animal very dear to my hear as well as my birth totem animal.


To own a drum is truly a great honour, but to be able to give life to your own drum by making it from base materials and finishing with a very personal tool that will become your faithful companion throughout every day of your life is awesome.


Once you have made your drum you should care for and honour it, by protecting, cleansing and giving thanks each time you use it. Love it as a faithful friend and you will find that your drum has a voice that will heal, relax and journey with you.

Your drum will be there when you need to do ceremony, when you want to sing or whenever you want to feel closer to the heartbeat of your Mothet Earth.







Two new Drums birthed on the 14 January

Well the wind was howling a powerful song this afternoon accompanied by the odd hail shower so I used that energy and sound vibration to birth 2 new drums. 1 is dedicated to " Sister Wind I hear your voice calling me to sing" and the other is "in honour of the trees I sing - For the heart of the Deer I beat " 1 is a journey drum the other a healing drum hope you like them the new babies are now drying xxx

White fox

With kind permission of Jim Loughran.

This photograph is shown in honour of the grace & beauty of the White Fox.

Another great love of mine is the Bear, my Birth Totem Animal