Ghosts & Hauntings

There can be quite a lot of misconception as to what a haunting is, through my 20years of working as a medium and teacher of all mediumistic subjects, as well as investigations I have attended at haunted locations, I have formed my own opinions on what we describe as a typical haunting.

We know that as humans we leave our energetic imprint on life. This is more evident in the places where we have Lived, Worked or have strong or special associations with. Sometimes the association with a place/building may not be a pleasant memory, it can be a connection to a trauma or experience that creates unpleasant memories when we recall that experience, especially if it is the place where our lives ended suddenly.

Or it can be a truly happy, positive memory of family times when we were happy and very contented with our lives. To recall these memories can make us smile or give us a good emotional feeling, just remembering our time there.

Now if our life experiences can leave powerful imprints upon our mind/memory that can not be erased, and can affect us years after the event. Then it makes sense to me that the energy of that often powerful or traumatic experience may also be recorded in the fabric of the place or building in which it took place. And one that can also remain long after we and the experience have passed.

I have witnessed this quite a few times in my investigations, but even in very young years I saw what some would term the ghost of an old lady by my bedside, that was I believe, a tapping into the memory of the people who lived and experienced life in that building just in another time than the one I now find myself in.

In many of these experiences the images I saw were much more translucent, I remember I could see through them. And they seemed completely oblivious to my presence, just following a routine that was familiar, even though the point they entered a room was no longer a doorway, it had long since been blocked up. I believe that these experiences are very much like our recording a film from TV onto a DVD and with the right medium ( the television set ) we can play it back at a latter date over and over again, it will not change because it is pre-recorded.

If the life of a person and the experiences are powerful enough then I believe that sensitive people can tune into them when the conditions are right. This is sometimes referred to as a residual haunting.

I have also seen many times what can genuinely be described as a Active haunting when Spirits of those who have passed on choose to return to a place/building/person and make a deliberate attempt to contact and communicate their presence to those who are in the right place at the right time. Having seen this type of haunting I can say that they usually look quite solid, or parts of the physical anatomy appear solid, and are usually visual to all in the room. I think that this kind of intelligent haunting occurs because they are trying desperately to communicate something to the land of the living. If we treat them as people not frightening spectres , which means applying to our investigations respect and gratitude, we may find that they will do their best to allow us to get a glimpse of what is just beyond the veil of life, a world that we call the spiritual world. And a chance to understand what they want to contribute to life.

I am aware that not everyone we meet in life is a nice, or good person. There are definitely those we would want to avoid contact with. And because I believe that every soul survives death, regardless of what type of personality they developed in life. I must therefore accept that these personalities can and sometimes do try to continue affecting the living in the same negative ways they did when alive. For this reason I fully understand that we must protect ourselves when we are working with forces beyond the material world, it is common sense to proceed with care, and remember that fear feeds off fear, how we are feeling is known by the spirits that haunt this material world, so we need to educate ourselves and learn about our own Soul strengths and motivations, that is our individual protection.

Anyone who genuinely wants to experience a paranormal investigation should look for one of the many sites, who's reasons for investigating paranormal phenomena are genuinely based in the scientific approach to proving that life does exist after death, and are not out to make money from thrill seekers. 

Is Training & Development necessary even if you have natural Mediumship?

Sensitivity to the unseen world needs an understanding of the mechanics of Mediumship
Sensitivity to the unseen world needs an understanding of the mechanics of Mediumship

I am asked many times if training and development are necessary if you are born Mediumistic and your mediumistic abilities work naturally.

The answer is yes it is necessary, training and development is not only aimed at helping you to open up your mediumistic faculty. It is about helping you to present your mediumship in a professional way. We do not aim to make you change the way your mediumship flows, because just as we are all individual & unique human beings,  your mediumistic abilities will be unique & individual to you. It would not be natural to make each medium work in exactly the same fashion, but hopefully we can help you understand your strengths & weaknessess and how build a stronger ability with the gifts you already possess. Many natural mediums dont necessarily know how their mediuistic faculty works, nor when they are moving from the mediumistic to the psychic level. Training also helps you to improve things like voice projection, as there is nothing worse that not being able to hear what the medium is saying if you are sitting at the back of the church, because the medium has a very soft voice or a strong accent. Accents are not a problem in fact they can add to the charm & interest of a demonstration, provided that you have been trained to speak clear and loud enough to be heard. Some accents naturally speak very quickly, training can bring this to you awareness, so that when you are demonstrating, you are not trying to loose your accent, but you are using it in an advantageous way that makes your demonstration far more enjoyable. After all the medium and those who are in the congregation should feel that they have really enjoyed listening to the medium at the end of a dem, even if they havent personally recieved a communication. Even though our mediumship may be natural, it doesnt necessarily mean that the medium will have a natural inspirational ability. Our inspiration is an important aspect of our mediumship. Another issue that training & development may help with is things like mannerisms, are you repeating yourself to often, do you have any distracting habbits, I once remember being in the congregation of a church when a male medium spent the whole service with his hands in his pockets jingling coins or keys or whatever was in his pockets, and it was both distracting and annoying by the end of the service. We also address the issues of appearance, male mediums look good in a nice shirt & tie or suit when on platform, ladies need to be aware of the length of a skirt or too low a neckline, little things like that can be a bit offensive especcially to older members of the congregation or even to someone who is going through a tremendous grieving period, they have come for support or answers not to be embarrassed because the medium looks like she is out for a bit of clubing.

Most of these are common sense matterers and it is thankfully very rare to see a medium inappropriately dressed. Another thing that desperatley needs to be addressed is when a medium is taking the Divine Service, the address/philosophy is just as important as the messages/communication. A good address will reach everyone in the congregation, messges are limited to between 4/6 at a service. So it is time we started to train our mediums in inspirational speaking, the aim of all training and development programmes is to ultimatley attain an end result of pure professionalism in our work. We are ambassadors for the spirit world and Spiritualism, it isnt a hobby, this is our belief. And it can be very life changing if through our professional mediumship we can give back hope to those who are grieving. That has to become the powerful driving ambition, of all working mediums, for some, you may be the answer to a prayer, the light out of the darkness, because hope you cant get on perscription. 

The power of Inspiration in our Mediumistc Development

Inspiration is a power that gives creative expression to the Soul.
Inspiration is a power that gives creative expression to the Soul.


"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away."


Inspiration is I believe the outpouring of the  Soul, that can be touched and stired into action not only by what the eye can see, but by what the Soul can feel in any given moment or circumstance in which something untangable  flows through us.


The Greeks believed that reverie, contamplation, medatative vision or just lost in our own thoughts, can come upon us at any time and at all times, this they call the muses that visit you and that they do so whenever they please. In a way they believed that you are not fully in control of inspiration. It is an aspect of our spontinaitey, instinctivley we know when something dear to our Soul personality touches a depth that is unexplainable, maybe we are not mentally in control, but what we are in control of is our openness, and willingness to taking advantage of the inspiration brought by the muses when they visit us.  We must be able to make room so that we are available when these visits occur. 


Throughout all time, our Artist, Poets, Music masters, have embraced their inspirational flow, sometimes touched by the beauty of what is around them in our natural world, sometimes the smallest of things can start a chain reaction, our soul power swells to bursting and overflows into creative energy for our work.


Many people are afraid to use their flow of inspiration, that is as natural to us as breathing. They mistake inspiration as needing to have an ability to draw or paint, or intelectual ability to be a wonderful orator and speak  great philosophy. They see inspiration being only open to the talented/gifted people of the world. Yet inspiration is in everything we do, we can not create anything without it, from creating a family, a home, or a masterpiece, inspiration is the motivation that makes us reach out and embrace life with its endless oportunities.


In our mediuistic development we are recognising the soul's journey and its sensitivity and perception of the unseen, we know that it is the Soul power that is the Medium, The Healer, the Teacher and our conscious development of this power is inspirationally motivated. When we allow our inspirational juices to flow through our mediumistic faculty, we see the blending of the spiritual/mental/emotional self emerging into an outpouring of sensitivity that flows from far beyond the physical realm, it is I believe, our conection with the spiritual source at the root of our individual creation.


Inspiration is a bridge that connects Soul to Soul, that connection can span time and culture, for so much that was said in our past can inspire us today. This connection can be made person to person, nation to nation, it is a structure that can give us purpose and direction to change that which we find dissatisfying, knowing we can create the dream, because every dream is a promise of what is possible. Nothing can exisit until it has been created in the mind of the "Soul-Full " person who is not afraid to tap into his/her creative energy.


If inspiration is the manifestation of our Soul power on earth, then we can not afford not to develop our creative flow. As a mediumistic/spiritual person involved in the work of service to mankind, then we must look deeply into our soul mirror and see that what is reflected back to us is indeed the seed of our true self, our instictive, intuative & inspired motivation to follow the path our soul came to follow. And if on this journey we are the source of awakening the inspiration within another soul, then we are trully blessed. The master piece you leave behinde for this world may not be a pricless work of art, but it may be timeless source of inspiration.



The Birth of modern Spiritualism in 1848 - Hydesville, Wayne County, New York

The Fox sister
The Fox sister

Ther are many accounts of the 1848 Hydesville story and its association with what has come to be known as the birth of ,modern spiritualism. I have to say that one particular version that I have recently enjoyed is a book titled, "The Unwilling Martyrs" by Mariam Buckner Pond, obtainable through the spiritualist Lyceum.

The story of the Fox family is an excellent place for us to begin looking at the phenomena of spiritualism. Many people have stated that the Fox sisters addmited to fraud and therfore all that happened has been labelled as a fictitious story made up by 3 young women in order to decieve the public.


Having read several versions of the documented events and especcially The Unwilling Martyrs, it would be very narrow minded in the least to dismiss the many eye witness accounts from family/friends/neighbours, who saw and heard for themselves the extent of the taps/bangs/raps that took place in the Fox family home. This is a lead up to the events which took place on the evening of March 31, 1848.

Hydesville was a small hamlet about 20 miles from Rochester, New York. On December 11, 1847, John Fox, along with his wife Margaret and their two daughters, Kate and Margaretta, moved into the house in question. The house had a reputation of being "haunted"; there were several instances recorded of raps, taps, and other noises. In fact, the prior tenant, Michael Weakman, moved out of the house because of the inexplicable disturbances.


Beginning at around the middle of March, 1848, the Fox family began to be disturbed by the strange sounds and activities. The children were so alarmed at what was happening that they refused to sleep apart and were taken into the bedroom of their parents. The sounds were so loud, that the beds themselves often shook. Every possible opportunity was made to ascertain the source of the sounds, but to no avail. Finally, on March 31st, Kate Fox made history. She challenged the mysterious unseen power to repeat the snaps of her fingers.

This was the begining of an intellegent discourse that culminated with words being spelt out using the letters of the alphabet. The messages were said to be from the spirit of a pedelar who had been murdered in the house, and his body burried in the cellar.

Tremendous raps came in answer to the first question and the message was spelled out: "Dear friends, you must proclaim this truth to the world. This is the dawning of a new era; you must not try to conceal it any longer. When you do your duty God will protect you and good spirits will watch over you."

Life was not easy for the Fox sister after this, they were constantly fighting against the oppinions of the church, the critisms of the sceptics and those in authority who hounded them trying to persuade them that they should admit to (a false) confession of fraud.

There is no doubt that the phenomena would have been dramatic, and a little frightening to the onlooker. But Spirit it seems, had decided that now was the time to bring to the world the truth of continued life after so called death. Because of these events many of us now are able to stand up on platforms in churches & centres all over the Uk, & Europe, demonstrating this very fact. For this reason alone I would advise that everyone educates themselves on the events of this very dramatic time in the history of Spiritualism. 


William Crookes, a well known man of science and researcher of the Paranormal said this:

"I have tested them in every way that I could devise, until there has been no escape from the conviction that they were true objective occurrences not produced by trickery or mechanical means."   Crookes - 1874







The Healing Drum

My healing Bear skin Drum, made by me in Seattle August 2009 & A camp fire Drumming on the Makha Indian reservation August 2009

The voice of the Drum is a mystical and powerful vibration. For many people it seems to awaken some very primordial feelings, giving a sense of connection with a time before this time, that we call the now. It is a link, even a recognisable connection to a deep memeory of our association to this sound, and for many the connection is a strong spiritual experience.


The drum speaks to the heart, maybe it is because the heart is our inner drum, a drum that continues to beat from our beginning until the end of the journey, only when the inner drum goes silent do we make that inevitable journey home.

Even as we were growing into life, nestled in the safety of our mothers womb, beneath her heart ( her drum ) did we come to understand the sound of life,... that sound is a beat, and every cell of our being knows that the beating represents wholeness, wellness and a coming into the fulness of life.


As we respond to the Drum beat, the cells of our body become energised, it is said that a Drum session can have an effect upon the physical body for up to 72 hours. That is because our physical body is 80%water, water conducts sounds, so as the vibration of the Drum beat enters our body it is amplified by the water content, and water has a memory, so maybe this too helps the body to remember that this sound heals and creates balance, bring the body into a harmonious state of healing.


Each one of our vital organs have their own unique function to perform, and therefore  create their own sound. When we use sound, especially ancient sound, it is like a calling back to re-balance, or re-tuning, the inner orchestra of our physical organs. When they are working in harmony together then health can be restored.

Every sound creates a colour, and every colour creates a sound, because colour & sound are two powerful vibrational healers that have been used by our tribal ancestors all over the world, and throughout time I think that we can say with confidence that it is tried and tested. Today vibrational healing is becoming very poular again as we come back full circle and embrace what nature has been teaching us all along.


The voice of the Drum speaks not only to the physical level, it is a sound that creates changes within the levels of our consciousness. Shamans have used the Drum for centuries in order to traverse worlds, and through Trance states communicate with spiritual beings who teach and advise on cures for illness, of body, mind and spirit.

The Drum is used to make a Shamanic journey into these other worlds of consciousness, so that we may receive guidance, strength, knowledge and support, from our spiritual helpers and advisers, from our power & Totem animal spirits who are protective companions on life's journey.

It is also a link to the spiritual world of which we are a part, for we are spiritual beings, connected to a material body for the duration of this journey through life.


The Drum beat can be likened to the voice of the Creator, it gives us total control over the rhythm, do we beat out life at a frantic pace and miss all that is around us, the beauty of nature, the seasons, the animal kingdom, each other.

Do we go through each year as though it were a race against time, then wonder why we can not even remember half of the journey, just the realisation that yet another year has passed us bye. Or do we say stop!!!!  no more, I want to see each day unfold, to live second by second, like the soft steady beat of life. Nature tells us that it takes nine months for each of us to be created, each day we measure time by 24 hours, each hour has 60 minutes, each minute has 60 seconds, so how long is 1 heart beat???? how many heart beats have we taken for granted in our life so far. How many people have ended their life journey in the time it takes for that 1 heart beat.


The Drum has all 4 elements within it, Earth/Air/Fire/Water, it represents the 4 cardinal direction, it is the Oneness of the source of creation, yet the individuality and uniqueness of who we are as a child of the Earth. It is a bridge that connects us to all living energy, and all created life, from a blade of grass, to the vastness of the Universe, everything beats and pulsates to sound.

When we move into the rhythm and vibration of the Drum, we are moving into a state of total awareness, we may realise that we have choices, we may decide to give our selves permission to heal, to become our authentic self and take back the control of the life that the Creator gave to us along with our free will. This is truly the way to call back our own power, to love the skin we are in, and appreciate the opportunity we have to grow into a positive, healthy, balanced life.


Dreaming the Drum

These are some of the beautiful drums painted by students at a Dreaming the Drum workshop.

The Drum is a vital tool for all those on the shamanic path, it is a tool that has been a part of the Shamans ceremony & ritual for centuries. For me and many other shamanic followers it is far more than an instrument, it becomes a personal friend, very much like a favorite animal/pet would be in our normal daily lives.

When we buy, make, or are fortunate enough to be gifted a drum, our first task is to become familiar with the voice of the drum. The voice is the healing vibration, I visualise it entering the body as a sound wave through every pour, then flowing like a river of light through organs, tissues, cells and structure of the physical body, carrying with it the healing sound of life in a state of balance and harmony.


I feel it is a sound that can permeate the entire physical organ in a non-intrusive way, it has an ability to speak the language of the life force, maybe that is because the life force itself has a pulsation of sound. As the sound enters the body we know that it also creates colour, because every sound creates colour and every colour creates a sound.


The drum is also a tool that we use to make vision journeys through the many levels of the altered states of consciousness. This help us to make contact with those souls whom we know work with us from the spiritual world, those who teach, guide and protect us on this earthly journey. Many shamanic teachers refer to the Drum as a spirit horse, one that has the ability to take us on our journey and bring us back safely to the here and now. And if we think of sound as a wave we know that the ebb and flow of the sea means that the wave travels both out to sea and back to touch the shore. Symbolically, that is a good vision to focus upon, a journey or voyage out to another depth of mind in order to delve deeply into the sub-conscious mind and gain an understanding of the information stored therin, as well as the opportunity to link & blend with the external influences of the spiritual minds of our guides and helpers.


The Drum is  a tool for ceremony & ritual, a sacred tool through which we create a reverence and parayerful state of mind, in those moments when we are talking to Creator, or giving thanks for all that we have been given, and the times when we turn to Creator for help upon the journey, to find courgae and strength to get through difficult times.

It is also a tool that assists us to enter into the dance of life, through its rhythm we sing, dance and allow the sound of the beat to empower our mind, body, & spirit with the impulse of joy & energy that is creted by the drummer & the Drum beat. 


Because the Drum is such a multi-functional tool for the shamanic traveler, it makes sense that if our drum is to be painted, it will be far more powerful and personal if the image painted on the drum is one that has been recieved and saught by us on our vision journeys. Each colour and symbolic meaning can be very revealling and empowering for our work, our drumming, and the many journeys we make.

It may be that an animal image is a representation of our work, it may be an image from nature, the seasons, the directions. the elements, ot any other multitude of images that can come to us for our personal empowerment, if we are prepared to take the time to seek out the vision. Many say that a Drum should not be painted until it has first been dreamt. It is very like the Native American face painting, a warrior would recieve the vision and use that vision to paint his face before battle, and the way the vision is depicted could be a protection for him, maybe even an empowerment to give him the courage and strength to fight well and come out alive.

When we use the symbolic vision on our drum, that image journeys with us, like a flag bearing our intentions or a talisman representing our protective armour, the light os our spirit. When you think about Journeying we should remember that we will be interacting with the spiritual realm, which is a sacred arena, and the greater the respect and revernce we put into that journey, the greater the protection we attract form those of like minds.


Here are some good reasons for Journeying:
For Bonding more strongly with Living Spirit -

Healing from life's bruises, trial's and obstacles.
Staying on course in our life path - seeking direction.

Nourishing our spirit and soul-self.

Growing in wisdom and maturing in truth.
Navigating through life's challenges - & gaining an understanding of the lessons.

Expanding our relationship with all created life.
Renewing our souls in comfort and support.


Your intentions and motives really matter when journeying. It's a good idea, then, to review your reasons for Journeying and clarify them if needed, make the journey a constructive and purposeful exercise, effort will reap its reward.




The Power of Colour

The real pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow, is the magical, mystical, power that colour has upon our lives.


Colour is the most wonderful gift that we as humans have in abundance. Imagine a world devoid of Colour, where everything is black/white or shades of grey, what a depressing thought that is. Yet colour is another of natures phenomena that we take so much for granted, even though from birth to death we cannot divorce ourselves from it.

Colour is in every breath we take, as we breathe in, we inhale oxygen, light, & colour. Everything we eat or drink is colour, the clothes we wear and the colours that we decorate our homes and work spaces with are all communicating the personality we have become.

Colour is the language of light, and every one of us could benefit from learning how to interpret what colour is teaching us. We know that colour can and does have an effect upon the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual self. If we go back as far as the Ancient Egyptians we can see that they knew and understood the powerful effects colour has upon our physical body. Colour Theraphy - Sound Theraphy - Crystal Theraphy were all used by our ancient healers, as natural and complimentary treatments for health and well-being.

Colour is a vibrational energy, we are vibratory beings, so when external vibrations come into contact with our energy field it has a positive or negative effect. Through taking the time to learn about these effects we can use colour energy to bring about a re-balancing of our dis-ease. Our human body is like an orchestra of musical instruments, each one of our vital organs has it's own job to perform, it vibrates at it's own frequency, unique to it's purpose. If it is vibrating at its correct frequency then all is in harmony, if however there is dis-harmony then that vital organ will not be in natural rhythm with the rest of the body and the result is illness of that area of the body.  Colour theraphy works on restoring that balance just as we would re-tune a musical instrument.

Colour is a natural and non-intrusive tool for restoring the bodies energy balance, and it does not interfere with other medications.

Colour can affect our moods & temperament, it can make us joyful and feel good about life, or it can make us cold and withdrawn even depressed.

Some colours are from the warm end of the spectrum and can be described as Magnetic colours, these are the colours Red/Orange and Yellow, the fire colours. The cool, electrical colours of the spectrum are Blue/Indigo & Violet. Green is neutral, the balancer. What a coincidence that Green is in the centre of the Rainbow and also the central colour of our energy (Chakra ) centres. It is also one of the major colour schemes of the Earth, and we all feel better when we have walked in the forrest, fields or mountains, maybe as well as recieving the benefits of the fresh air, we have also subjected our selves to a surrounding landscape of Earths green energy.

Colour is used to express our emotions, and we use many colour sayings to describe what we are feeling, Red with anger, In a Blue mood, Green with envy, In the Pink, and so on. We send Red Roses as an expression of love, Something Blue when a boy child is born or Pink if it is a baby girl. White is traditional for the bride and Black when in mourning. All these colours telling the world what we are experiencing at this moment in our lives.

Kirlian photography has helped us to understand the ever changing colours in the Aura, as we grow and experience life and all of it's lessons our colours reflect those lessons. The Aura is like our psychic briefcase, it holds information from all the experiences we have had, from the moment we are born to present day. And as we continue on life's path we are adding more and more information to the storehouse. All of which is recorded in the Auric energy field.

Colour is also a tool of communication on a spiritual level, from it's symbolic interpretations and inspirations, to communication with those who have moved on from this earthly life, and now dwell within the realms of the spiritual world. The teachings that we have recieved from the spirit world, through such personalities as Silver Birch, White Eagle, Rhamadam, and many many more well known spirit communications through Trance mediumship. All tell us that beautiful though the colours of Earth are, they pale in comparrison with the clarity of colours in the spiritual realms. And if the Aura is a reflection of our personality, and the  human personality is immortal, then why would it be so strange to be aware of a spirit personality through the colour.

I personally love to use colour in my Mediumship, it is a power that is natural, available and accessable to every living being.


Trance and The Altered states of Consciousness

Trance is an altered state of consciousness - one that differs from our normal everyday  waking consciousness and from sleep. It resembles the hypnagogic state (the transition between waking and sleeping) and the hypnopompic state (coming out of sleep to wakefulness). 


Trance is a naturally occurring state - it is a part of life from the moment we are awake in the morning, until we return to the sleep state each night, it happens when driving, when watching TV or working on a computer, in a lift - and, of course, in the classrooms and seminars.

Most of us have expeience the odd car journey where we can remember starting out, but then find we have arrived without consciously remembering the journey in between. 


You are in trance every day - Ernest Rossi’s work on 'Ultradian Rhythms' suggests that trance happens naturally every 90-120 minutes (Ernest Rossi, The Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing - Norton 1993). Ever just spaced out? That's trance.

When you’re in a trance you are more in control - you have better communication with your unconscious, so you can control the functions of your body, handle stress better, access memories you had forgotten...when you choose to go into a trance, you can control the suggestions you are receiving. It’s a good idea to ask your unconscious mind only to accept suggestions which are positive and beneficial.

Any time your sense of self, the world, or time is altered in some way, you have shifted into a light trance. As in daydreaming, you’re still aware, but your orientation to the world around you has shifted. In trance, the conscious mind is not as dominant. When the conscious mind is relaxed and passive, the unconscious processes are more free to come to the surface of awareness. Normal unconscious processes like digestion, stress relief, relaxation and healing work more naturally and efficiently when the conscious mind is out of the way. Deeper, unconscious wisdom and intelligence flows more freely through your whole mind/body system. Thus, the trance states you experience can be very beneficial for your total health.


Trance state of sleep rejuvenates the body. Even lighter states like daydreaming and napping allow our minds to rest and restore. 

When we allow the conscious mind to enter into the richness of our vast sensory experience, we come more into balance, or attunement with the whole mind/body system, including all of our unconscious resources. Both the conscious and unconscious are fundamental aspects of our personality and who we truly are. When we are healthy and attuned to ourselves these parts are balanced and integrated, and one is not more dominant than the other.


The lighter trance states feel like those times when you are reading a book, or watching television or a movie, and are so engrossed that you are not aware of your surroundings.

The deeper trances feel similar to how you feel when you are first waking up in the morning. You are aware that you are awake, your imagery is vivid and dreamlike, and you feel relaxed, calm, and good. It may even seem like you are far away from your thinking logic mind,  you may know that you are speaking, because you have a vague awareness of your voice but not really involved or intertested in what is being said, and therfore less interference.


 The ability to attain and control a trance is the result of cumulative conditioning and mental training. ...... train your mind to respond in accordance with your will in order to produce the ability to develop a deep trance. This is done by daily or at the very least weekly practice. It may take some time and effort to establish that ability, but once you have it you will be able to maintain it by practicing only once or twice per week. If you stop practicing entirely your ability will gradually lessen.......

like all other gifts if we dont use it, we are in danger of loosing it.

Each depth of trance has valuable uses. For example, in the Light and Medium Trances you can learn to begin practical Shamanic Journeying so that you can see, hear, touch and smell experiences in the worlds which border ours. In those trance states these journeys will feel similar to a fantasy or daydream and you may wonder if it is real, or just your imagination. As you train yourself to deepen the trance the journeys become more vivid, until, in the Deep Trance, they look and feel as though they are taking place in physical reality. 


I have been very fortunate to sit with some excellent Trance Mediums over quite a few years, and even to day I would take every opportunity to sit in the power of the Trance energy for myself or to sit for other mediums.

One thing is for sure, you have to be in that energy to fully appreciate the atmospheric sensitivity that is very tangible as you watch the blending of the spirit mind with that of their medium. I remember watching as mediums like Ursula Roberts & Ivy Northage became entranced the whole energy of the medium and the room changed noticeably. One always left the demonstration feeling uplifted and humbled to have been witness to such spiritual discourse.

In present day I am always so grateful for the help and support I have been given from Trance mediums like Eileen Mitchamsom, Muriel Tennant, and many more who are my collegues at the AFC.


If Trance is your calling, then make every effort to understand what is involved, how it works with you, build a rapport with those who work with you, because trust and dedication are essential to this development.

Fear, doubt and low self-esteem, play no constructive role, and it is better to eradicate them at the very outset of your development.

Another criteria is do not put time limits on your development, we are all different, some will develop quickly, other a little more slowly. Dont pressure your self into thinking you have to speak about deep philosophical subjects within the first few months of development.

If you become too concerned with what others in your group are receiving from you, you will simply externalise your energy when you should be focused only on making a more perfect blending with the mind of your spirit workers. Co-operation with the spirit world is essential, time will reveal the quality of what comes through, so trust and surrender to your own Soul power and those who wish to assist you in providing comfort and reassurance, that life is not limited by the breaths we take. 





Poems/Prayers, Inspirations & Songs of the Spirit

The Heart of My Drum

The Heart of my Drum is beating,

The gifts of life it's song,


I honour the spirit of the gentle Deer,

And call her power ever near,


To Heal, to calm, to Celebrate;

And to help us all to re-create,


Peace on Earth, Goodwill to man;

This we know was Creators plan.


M E Murnan December 2011

To all my relations.

The Rhythm of Life is in this Drum,

It's voice a humble prayer,

It calls to spirits everywhere,

A Relative I am.


M.E.Murnan (in the rainforest Seattle)

A Prayer for the Drum.

Creator, I ask a blessing for this Drum,

For the Animal that gave it's skin,

For the Tree that provides the hoop,

To the wind that gives the Drum a voice,

And to Mother Earth for the heart beat,


With gratitude it was received,

With love it was made,

With respect it will be kept,

In a Sacred manner it will be used.


May every prayer that is created,

Through the heart beat of this Drum,

Be heard and received by the spirits of

North -South-East & West,

And may it touch the hearts of all my relatives.



The Spirit of Winter

Early on a Winter's morn,

I stood upon the hill,

Fresh soft snow had fallen,

Everything was still.


I stopped to look about me,

There was beauty everywhere.

The Peace began to fill me,

I could only stand and stare.


The silence now was comforting,

as tears filled my eyes.

My breath I saw like waves of smoke,

Carried on the cold North Wind.


As coolness softly touched my cheeks,

a rosy glow appeared,

The tingling sensation was mirrored inside of me,

like a hundred wild horses,

I felt utterly happy and free.


Then suddenly a sound came forth,

a rhythm I know well.

My internal drum was beating,

and it's song I know was felt.


For birds emerged from from snow laden trees,

and branches bowed their heads.

A rabbit ran across my path,

I had to catch my breath.


Nature was responding,

to the joy I felt inside,

for the spirit of the winter,

had touched my Soul,

my heart, my mind.



M.E.Murnan  January 2011










Woman's Prayer

Creator give me the power & strength to be the woman

you created me to be.


Spirit Bear you have been my shadow from the time

of my birth, Walk with me through the years of my life.


Mother Earth, you are the embodiment of the female power,

help me to find the nurturing, compassion & forgiveness that you teach.


Grandmothers, share your wisdom & experience with me,

so that I may walk with dignity, honour & balance.


Let me embrace my femininity & love the woman that I have become.



M.E. Murnan (March 2012 )


Calling in the Spirits of the 4 directions for a healing ceremony

Stand and face the East, with you arms raised towards the direction.


Great spirits of the East, Brother Eagle

Come and empower me with your vision

A relative I am.

You have the power to see what is ahead

Help me to be a worthy channel

So that I may be used to bring healing

for Body, Mind, and Spirit to all those who

come to me for help.

Cleanse us, guide us,

so that we may find a balance in all things

and be restored and well for the future road.


Now turn to the South, with your arms raised


Great spirits of the South, Brother Wolf

Come and empower me with your teaching

A relative I am.

You can show us the path to good health,

to knowledge and growth.

Help me to be a worthy channel

so that I may be used to bring healing

to all those who come to me for help.

Walk with us, guide us

so that we find the good road,

and walk through life in a sacred manner.


Now turn to the West, with arms raised


Great spirits of the West, Brother Bear

You have the power to heal our fragmented lives,

A relative I am

You teach us to let go of all that no longer serves us

you can show us the mirror of the past

to remind us how far we have come.

Help me to be a worthy channel

so that I may be used to bring healing

to all those who come to me for help.

Teach us how to let go of all that brings

an imbalance to our life

so that we may heal and be strong again.


Now turn to the North, with arms raised


Great spirits of the North, Brother Buffalo

You power can make us strong and fearless,

A relative I am

Teach us how to connect to the old ways

so that we will find balance and 

see beauty in all things.

Bring us the wisdom of the 

Grandmothers & Grandfathers

Help me to be a worthy channel

so that I may bring healing

to all those who come to me for help.

Your great strength will protect us

so that we may heal & be whole.


Always finish with a prayer to Creator

A giving thanks

and a blessing for the work you 

want to achieve so that others may be free

from pain, fear, guilt & regret

and can once more focus on being well.

The Hopi Story of Grandmother Spider

Grandmother Spider - A Hopi Indian Tale

As Retold by Dr. Mike Lockett, The Normal Storyteller

Long, ago the Creator had not yet separated the earth and the sky. They were very close together. The sky almost sat on the earth. Birds flew close to the ground. Animals that could run and jump felt like they were flying.

One morning a moose was drinking water at the lake and saw the reflection of the sky in the water. Something looked wrong. Moose looked up in the air. He saw the sky was moving. It was pulling away from the earth.  "I can't let that happen," said Moose. Then he poked his antlers into the bottom of the sky and tried to hold it close to the earth. He called out to the other animals for help. But the sky kept moving, and soon Moose was being lifted off the ground. He pulled his antlers back out of the sky and fell the ground with a thud!

Bear had heard Moose call and came running. He looked up to see the sky pulling away from the earth. "I can't let happen,"said Bear.  He jumped up and dug his claws into the sky to try to pull it down. But the sky kept moving higher. Soon Bear was being lifted up with it. He pulled out his claws and fell to the ground.

Other animal also came running. They looked up to see the sky pulling away from the earth. They tried jumping up and grabbing it, but that didn't work. They all began to talk together about what to do. As they talked, Grandmother Spider arrived and said, "I have a plan."

"Grandmother Spider," the animals said, "This is a serious problem. It's too big for you. Even giant Moose and great Bear could not pull the sky back down, and they are much stronger than you are."

"But, I have a plan that will work." said Grandmother.

"Not now, Grandmother. We don't have time for you."

Grandmother Spider was upset. But she understood that they were worried. She ran out of the village and up the side of the nearest mountain. Grandmother began to spin a long thread. She spun and she spun and she spun. Then she began to weave that thread into a web. When she was done, Grandmother rolled the web up into a ball and tied one end of the web to a tree. She tossed the ball of thread and webbing high into the sky. It went way up. Then it fell to the ground and unraveled. Grandmother Spider had missed the sky.

Grandmother Spider ran and gathered all the webbing and rolled into a giant ball once more. She threw the ball of thread. It went way up. But she missed the sky again. It fell to the ground and became unraveled.

Grandmother spider ran and gathered the webbing and rolled it into a giant ball once more. She threw the ball into the sky for a third time. This time, she caught the edge of the sky. The ball of webbing stuck to the sky. Grandmother climbed that web as fast as she could and ran across that sky. She attached another piece of web to the sky and jumped back to earth. As she fell towards the earth, she spun another web. She spun, and she spun!

When she reached the earth, Grandmother Spider attached that line to the earth and climbed the first thread again. Time after time, she climbed up, attached a new web to the sky and spun a web as she fell back towards the earth.

All the rest of that day and night, Grandmother Spider kept spinning web lines to tie the sky to the earth. Early the next morning, the sky had gone as high as it could go with all Grandmother's webs holding it to the ground. The earth shook as the sky tried one last time to pull away. The animals quit talking and looked into the sky. When they squinted their eyes they could see Grandmother's webs hanging down from the sky to the earth.

The animals ran to Grandmother Spider and said, "We are sorry that we did not listen to your plan, Grandmother Spider. We are even sorrier that we said we did not have time for you. Thank you for keeping the sky from leaving the earth. Because you have done this wonderful thing, you and your descendants may live in any of our homes forever and ever."

Ever since that day, Spiders are found in the homes of all animals and people. Even if people have forgotten the promise made so many years ago, the Spiders and animals have not forgotten.

Now if you look at the sky in the early morning light you can sometimes see Spider webs hanging down from the sky. Some people will tell you that you are seeing the rays of the sun. But, now you know better.


Sands of Time


Come walk with me through the sands of time,

I guide your footsteps along the ever changing landscape of your life,

When the path before you is distorted with a myriad of highs and lows

That may plunge you into a state of fear and confusion

Please remember, that when the tide returns and the winds of change blow,

All will become smooth and restored to balance and harmony.

The power of my love is a beacon that draws your attention,

Always to the horizon, like the song of the sea, you hear me speak

Of better things just beyond the space of time.

As the sand moves beneath your feet, leaving only a brief imprint

Of the footprints of your forward journey, it tells the story of a sensitive soul,

You are a child of God, and a child of the Universe.

Mother Earth will retain yourt story to share with generations of seekers

 that will follow you upon this journey of life’s learning.

Though my footprints are invisible to your material world,

You know that I am with you each step of the way.

My belief in you is the sail of your ship that will guide you safely

across the sea of your personal progress and ultimate success.

And as you triumph I too will rejoice, for your progress is also mine.

Received from spirit :  14 January 2015

Love the Wind


Just close your eyes, listen to the wind

Her voice is a melody, touching your senses, calling you to sing.

She needs to recognised for the good that she brings

Rebuilding, replanting, distributing the seeds,

Replenishing the Earth, for the coming of spring.

The birds need her power to fly to new lands,

The clouds, the Ocean and the shifting sands,

rely on the wind to give them a hand, in moving their energy

to and fro, creating a landscape, or a clear blue sky

and the song of the waves for all who pass by.

When with a mighty power she chooses to blow,

She is telling us all, let go, let go.

In her gentleness, she is like a prayer, loving and joyful, full of care.

Go out today and feel the wind, give her thanks, for your every breath she lovingly brings.


( Inspiration whilst sitting on the Rocks listening to the Wind )  January 17 2015


My Grandad..........

Grandad, you are etched into my memories of childhood, like buttercups, butterflies and long sunny days.

You always had a smile, you always had time, you encouraged and supported everyone.

I remember your struggle for breath, your coughing was a constant concern. 

Your days underground digging out coal, to keep warmth in the hearth and the home.

The legacy of a coal miner, was to leave us to early in time.

I thought you were old, now I know that's not so, 69 yrs is not long to live.

You were weary and tired, you struggled each day you really wanted to rest.

I was only 15, I remember the day, February 25th. I was away at school, I could not be there, the last goodbye I had to miss.

But you are still in my heart, you are part of my life, thank you for being there Grandad.

When its time for me to leave......

Do not weep for my journey's end. At last I am free to express myself, the real me.

I can move with the wind and the falling rain, like the seasons no one can restrain.

You will see my face in the morning sun, sense my touch in the evening air.

My light will shine like the stars and the moon, I will watch you sleep, and I will touch your dreams.

Hold on to the memories, not the sorrow.

Scatter my ashes to the song of the sea. So that I may wash upon a thousand shores, blending my essence with each grain of sand.

Know that I am with you, as close as each breath,like a mist on a frosty morn.

I am in your smile, I am the salt in your tears, the sound of your laughter is a song to my soul, you are my melody of life and I will sing you for evermore.

Love never ends ...........

Maureen Murnan 21 February 2015

Today God walked with me .......

The wind was blowing fresh and cold, but its power made me feel alive. I walked along the headland overlooking the sea, stopping now and then to take in the beautiful vista. How beautiful the sea is weather she is roaring like a lioness or as gentle as sparrow, her energy brings a new dimension to the thoughts of man.

I sat for a while on a bench looking out over the water, with closed eyes I just like to listen to sounds all around me. When I opened my eyes a big shaft of sunlight had cast its light over the sea, it danced upon the water and I felt God's joy as my heart skipped a beat and the beauty of the moment opened it like a butterfly's wing.

I sat just looking with tears in my eyes now, because I couldn't quite catch the moment through the lens of my camera. Yet it was as if God's voice was saying that doesn't matter , beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, those who are ready will see it, those who are not may never perceive it.

I looked at the hard and jagged rocks and thought how well they hold back the water, only to hear God's voice once more say but even they can not hold back time.

I watched each wave as it relentlessly pushed its way back to the shore, and I thought about the shores of eternity, my spiritual world would not be perfect for me if there were no oceans and beaches upon which I could walk, and think and remember.

Few people now were walking on the beach, some alone , some with dogs or family. Everyone drawn here to the sea, like moths to a flame we are drawn to the power that is the Ocean.

Beyond that distant horizon lies America, another part of the Earth that has been special for me on life's journey. I still have friends over there, land nor water nor time can separate you from friendships that have been forged in spiritual like mindedness.

My attention was drawn to the cloud formations, even they were dipping down to kiss the sea, but they were telling me that like the tide, the rain is also on its way back and soon the dark clouds would burst and spill their water onto the land and sea.

I started to walk back and God, I could feel you there with me, each footstep you were there, and I caught a glimpse of you in the shadow cast by the sun as I walked over the headland along the soft damp grass.

Now once more on the beach I had to take a look back, everything was a teacher, the land, rocks, sunlight, water and wind, all part of our created world. If the heart is open, the Soul can feed upon the sights, the sounds and the feel of life and it is everywhere, a world full of energy, full of life and as a parting gift, God said, this picture of beauty comes alive only when you are a part of it. Each time you show appreciation, each time you are moved by the spirit of created life, you add to its beauty. Because life and nature respond in kind and welcome you as a relative of God's vision. And the vision of beauty does not fade with time or age or death but lives on into eternity, awaiting us there.




Sunligt on the Sea

Sunlight on the sea, a vision of eternity

The spectrum of life for all to see.

Your illumination inspires me,

as it brightens my Soul.

For without you all would cease to exist.

Throughout all time, man as come to know

that you are the bringer of life.

God's presence is felt in this one moment in time as I watch you caressing the sea.

Fire and water together, you are teachers of men, the fire and the flow of our life,

Along with earth, and with air, the four elements of life, God fashioned my body from you. Though my flesh is of you and one day will return to the forces that make up the earth, but my Soul is of God, my Spirit is mine their light will eternally shine.

White fox

With kind permission of Jim Loughran.

This photograph is shown in honour of the grace & beauty of the White Fox.

Another great love of mine is the Bear, my Birth Totem Animal