:: About me... I am a very proud Nana from 8 Nov 2013

I have been a working Medium for the last 30years, Mediumship has always been an aspect of my developing personality. As a child I just did not understand what was happening to me and why I felt so different from other children my age, even those within my family. I just knew thing, felt things and was very aware that I was not alone, I could sense unseen people around me. From 4years of age when we lived briefly in a very old mill house, I was often wakened at night by the vision of an old lady hovering over my bed. Up until the age of puberty I had regular out of the body experiences, but didn't know why or how these things happened to me.

At 15yrs I lost my Grandfather, one of the few trustworthy and loving male influences of my life. I went each night from school, to the funeral home to see him before they  took him away for burial. At age 20 my Grandmother, who was a very natural mediumistic woman, had a Cerebral Haemorrhage and was close to death, I went to see her one afternoon in the hopes she would get well. It was here that I came face to face with my first objective spirit encounter, so real and solid was this spirit, that I assumed she was a visitor. I spoke to her for several minutes as she slowly started to fade before my eyes. I was shocked and then excited when upon describing the woman and seeing a photo, I discovered that she was my great Grandmother who died years before my birth. She was my Grandmothers Mother, and I just knew she had come for Grandma, three days later my grandma passed.

In late 2o's after the loss of an uncle I went to my first spiritualist church, there I soon joined a circle and began the journey of development. That journey took me to the Arthur Findlay College where I finally learned, Developed and understood my Mediumistic Soul.

After just five years I was offered the opportunity to train as a college Tutor, my mediumistic ability had lead me to acquire quite a passion for teaching and helping others towards their own Mediumistic goals. So this part of the journey felt like a natural conclusion and I loved the challenge.
Up to now I have been a Tutor of the AFC for just over 20 years, I love this aspect of my work. Not only do I get to serve the Spirit through communication, but also by helping to secure the future workers of Spirit.

I am also a course organiser through my own courses, as well as having  the opportunity to work on many courses alongside many of my colleagues, who's work I admire, but also have the privilege  of calling them friends.

The students I have met from all over the world have been the icing on life's cake, and I can truthfully say that there are many more good people in this world than there are negative ones.

I hope and pray that I will get many more years ahead of me where I will be blessed to meet even more of you, new faces or familiar faces, it is always a pleasure to walk the journey by your side, I hope I can support and guide you towards your own expanded horizons, and your professionalism in Mediumship.

My connection with the Arctic Fox.

Ignorance makes you believe that life functions haphazardly.

Wisdom teaches you that everything that happens in this theatre of life has profound significance.

What you see today is not the fruit of chance, but a fruit from seeds planted in the past.

Plant seeds of peace now and you will create a life of peace in the future.

~ Brahma Kumaris ~ 

Drawing of White Fox 1972 by Psychic Artist Marion Ruffin, who has now sadly passed on to the higher life, thank you for the memory Marion.
Drawing of White Fox 1972 by Psychic Artist Marion Ruffin, who has now sadly passed on to the higher life, thank you for the memory Marion.

Many students & friends have asked me over the years what my connection with the Arctic Fox is all about. For the last 15 years even my e-mail address is whitefox, I have a white fox pelt that I bought on one of the Native American reservations, it has been blessed and honoured as a beautiful tool for my Shamanic Journey. It has a very personal healing quality as well as being stunningly beautiful to see and touch.

Whilst in Seattle in 2009, our group was honoured to have Jim Loughran a very talented photographer, who has worked with National Geographic for over 12 years. Jim's work is very well known and as I am fortunate enough to have seen some of his shots, I have to say that his work is first class. Jim knew of my connection with the Arctic Fox and gave me permission to use one of his photographs on my site, for which I am truly grateful.


So how did this connection begin. Around 24 years ago I began my Mediumistic development from my local Spiritualist church in Bourne, Linconshire. I was only going to the church a few months when I was lucky enough to be invited by the church president to join her home circle. I was very excited and was eager to start my training and development in the safe and dedicated enviroment of Olga's home. There were several circle members, some who are still friends of mine today. On one particular evening when I had been sitting in circle for about a year, we were instructed to sit in the stillness and try to link with who ever was working with us. I was told that should I see anyone or anything in the distance of my vision to invite them closer so that I could familiarise myself with them.

Now we usually sat for an hour, and as we entered into that beautiful energy of spiritual awareness I remember seeing a small round photograph like image in the distance. I could see that it was a human figure but it was too small to recognise. So remembering what my circle leader had said I began to invite it closer. Asking all the time for recognition and an understanding of who this person was and what intentions they had for my work and my personal journey. I needed to have a relationship with my workers as I had constantly been requesting that they become known to me.

Well little did I know that this was the night, I remember that with each invitation he came closer and closer, at one point he was so close I could see the whites of his eyes and the small veins in the eye ball. Then he took me to a vast open place and I remember that it felt very cold, he had thick fur, which I presumed was Buffalo, robes around his shoulders, and I also remember that he placed them around me. I did feel very safe and very connected to this person.

I felt as if I had been sitting in this power for just a few minutes, but somewhere in the distance I could hear the circle saying the closing prayer as we did each week that signifies that everyone has returned to the here and now and is about to close the sitting. I panicked because I suddenly realised that we were sitting in a very dim red light and I was in the shadows so no one knew I had not yet returned to full alert consciousness. I admit that I was a little frightened, because my body would not move, I could not speak, just for a few brief moments and because of my panic my heart was racing. I didnt know it then, but I had gone into a Trance state and lost all concept of time and space. That was a valuable lesson for later down the pathway. When the circle leader realised what was happening she gently helped me to come back a little more slowly and calmly.

I tried to draw his image many times as his face was burned onto the screen of my mind, but I am no psychic artist.

I repeatedly told my husband that wherever he came from it was cold, and he had an ornament hanging from his hair on one side.

A year went by and I didnt get to see him again, even though I tried. Some people said to me, well maybe it isnt necessary, you saw him very clearly once maybe that is all he wanted. But that wasnt good enough for me, I kept on asking, and explaining to the spirit world that I needed to have a close relationship with those who work with me, that helps me build trust.

Then I was at the Arthur Findlay College as a student, on a week with Glyn Edwards. He got me up on the platform in the Library to work with a spirit link, he also had a wonderful spiritual and talented psychic artist up there as well, her name was Marion Ruffin. I was to do the link and Marion would tune into me and draw who was working with me. At the end of the exercise, Glyn said, right now turn around and see who is working with you in your mediumistic work.

My mouth fell open, it was the same face, with the ornament hanging from his hair. I was near to tears. Marion said that he was Canadian Indian, and that he lived on the snow line, Glyn said that whilst Marion was drawing he kept hearing the name White Fox being called. And of course if he truly did live on the snow line there would have been the arctic fox in that area.

From that day on, I am lucky enough to have White Fox as my Teacher, Guide and Companion. I trust him implicitly, and I know without doubt that he is my main control and my loyal and trusted friend and co-worker. Out of respect for his influence in my life and my work I use his name, and the symbolic image in all areas of my work and my life. On many occasions I have journeyed with him in meditation, we often sit and just look out from a rocky mountain slope at the glistening white snow, and so often there is a clear star studded sky and a huge white moon. Then some years ago I was given a name by the Lakota people, a name that I am very proud of and honoured to be associated with, and I do use in my work, the name is Whitemoon-Forwad Looking Woman.

Another coincidence maybe, but I dont think so. When spirit know that we need confirmation, they deliver, if we have proved ourselves to be dedicated and humble in the job we have come to do, on this our Earthly voyage. 

To everyone I always say, trust be patient and keep asking, one day you may be rewarded.


The Rainbow Warriors - Inspired by a Cree Prophesy

When I first began to teach of the Native American Culture, History & Spirituality. I did so from my own experiences, through my contacts with Native Americans, and from the many, many years of interest and learning of the Indian's approach to life.

I have found that the many philosophies, that are the principle teachings of so many different Native American tribes, all have common ground, and are aplicable to life today just as much as it was way back when the Indians had the freedom to roam their lands without fear or restrictions. In fact I do believe that the lessons we could all learn from the Native American teachings is so badly needed in our world today, if we are to get back on track and treat the Earth with the respect she deserves.


I was also impressed by an ancient Cree prophesy, from an old woman named Eyes of Fire, she had a vision of the future. She prophesied that one day, because of the white mans' greed there would come a time, when the earth would become ravaged and polluted, the forests would be destroyed, the birds , and all flying creatures would fall from the air, all the waters of the Earth would also be blackened and polluted, and the fish, and all the creatures that live in the waters would be poisoned in our lakes, rivers, & streams, and the trees which are the lungs of the Earth would no longer be, mankind as we would know it would all but cease to exist.


She predicted that there would come a time when the "keepers of the legend, stories, culture rituals, and myths, and all the Ancient Tribal Customs" would be needed to restore us to health, making the earth green again.

They would be mankind's key to survival, they were the "Warriors of the Rainbow". There would come a day of awakening when all the peoples of all the tribes would form a New World of Justice, Peace, Freedom and recognition of the Great Spirit.


This prediction is so close to becoming fulfilled by what we are doing to the Earth, Air & Water. BUt the Rainbow Warriors she described are for me, the peoples of every race, every colour, every social background. Religious affiliations, language, age nor gender would not matter. It would be a unity of nations with one goal, to restore balance to the Earth and all created life on this planet. To teach our young about respect, how to nurture not destroy.

I travel a great deal with my work, and I have seen evidence of the coming together of such people, all over the England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland, also the length and bredth of Europe, people are instinctivley recycling the old knowledge and trying to apply it to their lives today.


So I liked that thought "Rainbow Warriors" a coming together, is this what some of the old medicine men/women, and holy men/women, mean by mending the hoop of life. In our own small corner of the world, in our small way, we can all make a difference, but we have to get off the merry-go-round, stand up and be counted.

I know that at the college where I teach the Native American week, we get to experience this unity of minds, when we come together for a week and live the brotherhood of man.


To all those who have come to walk a little way on this jouney I am very humbled, many have returned again and again, becoming a family of like minded individuals who want to rekindle what is really important. And if we can take on board the ideas born from the old Cree prophesy and apply them to life, not to preach, but to show by example. It doesnt matter what other people think of you, but what you think of your self is the key. Some of our family who have been a part of our yearly gathering have now moved on to another stage of their eternal journey, but their prescence is with us still. To my friend and co-worker on the Native American week, who passed away 3 years ago, Olwyn Griffiths, you are always a part of our gathering, and a very special memory to us all.


We also give thanks to our Elders past & present:


The Elders never missed an opportunity to sit around the camp fire and contribute to the celebration with their songs, stories and companionship.

White fox

With kind permission of Jim Loughran.

This photograph is shown in honour of the grace & beauty of the White Fox.

Another great love of mine is the Bear, my Birth Totem Animal